Stratton Residence

  • IMG_1843-480×640
  • IMG_1854-480×640
    Proud member of the Monterey Bay Friendly Landscaping Program.
  • IMG_1840-480×640
    Drought tolerant landscape design.
  • IMG_1853-480×640
    Summer-dry landscaping.
  • photo-480×640
    Installing sensor for the weather based irrigation controller.
  • 3114-Carmelo-Circle-Stratton-Wagner-640×480
    1017 square feet of lawn before the Monterey Bay Friendly re-design.
  • Frontal-View-from-across-street-640×480
    Front view before the Monterey Bay Friendly re-design.
  • IMG_1836-480×640
    Creating compost in this tumbler to provide garden with rich nutrients.

Dominican Hospital

  • Raised Beds 2
    incorporating flowers in the vegetable garden helps to attract pollinators which ensure the production of their fruit trees.
  • Raised Beds
    The hospital has a biodiverse garden which provides food for both the cafeteria and near by assisted living homes.
  • DH-Landscpe
  • IMG_2475
    Rainwater barrel at the Dominican Hospital featuring Sister Mary Ellen and Dave.
  • Native-Landscape
    Dominican Hospitals native landscaping with armeria maritima, kangaroo paw, iris, carpet rose, New Zealand sedge, ornamental jasmin, and juncus.
  • IMG_2501
    The Dominican Hospital harvest 2,000 pounds of fresh produce a year that is utilized in the hospital kitchens.

El Dorado Park

  • Swale-by-Baseball-Field
    Park goers can enjoy their activities while looking at the water conscious landscape.
  • El-Dorado-Park-Design
    The original park design.
  • Parkinglot-Feature
    overflow from the bioswale will move through this rain garden allowing for water to infiltrate into the soil at a faster rate.
  • Bioswale_1
    These Bioswales provide porous surface areas that increase the water infiltration
  • Curbside-Pre-Construction-2
    Before construction, the entire park would drain water into this storm drain, or flood within the park.

306 Broadway

  • 306-Raised-Bed
  • 306 Dryfarm Tomaotes
    These Chadwick Cherry tomatoes were planted in April and are dry-farmed over the summer.
  • 306 Stormwater Cisterns
    It is important to use well-sealed cisterns to avoid creating a mosquito breeding habitat. Keep those lids of tight.
  • 306 Raised Bed
  • 306 Cover Photo
    Nick Winslow plants insectary drought tolerant plants which require less water and attract beneficial pollinators and pest preditors.