County of Santa Cruz Public Health Building

  • After Workshop Full Landscape
    The finished product of efforts from volunteers and the parks department
  • After Workshop Sideview
    Sheet mulching allows for weed suppression while adding organic matter to the soil
  • After Workshop Swale 2
    The swale at work redirecting water from the sidewalk into the landscape
  • Swale-in-the-Rain_2-LOW-RES
    The curb cut allows storm water to enter the landscape from the sidewalk and defuse into the soil
  • IMG_2228
    Before the lose your lawn workshop the park was a water hungry blend of grasses

Santa Cruz City Hall Public Works Courtyard

  • Finished-Landscape-with-Sign
  • SC-City-Hall-Rain-Garden-with-Rain
    A roof downspout was diverted into a rain garden, planted with Acorus gramineus "Golden Edge", a sedge that can tolerate periods of inundation.
  • City-Hall-Annex-Roof
    480 square feet of roof collection surface diverts 540 gallons of rainwater to the rain garden during an average 2" storm.
  • Putting-on-Mulch
    After the rain garden is graded, cardboard layer is placed to block weeds. 3" of Vision Recycling's Organic Soil Amendment was used in the rain garden. 4" of Natural Wood Chip mulch was used elsewhere in the landscape.
  • Rolling-out-Cardboard
    B-flute cardboard layer is stapled down and overlapped 8". A minimum of 4" of wood chip mulch goes on top.
  • Watering-Plants
    Plant selection includes Cornus stolonifera (Hedgerows Gold Dogwood), Mimulus cardinalis ('Ruby Slippers' Monkey Flower), Iris douglasia (Pacific Coast Iris), Achillia filipendulina, and Aquiegia formosa nana
  • City-Hall_Downspout
    Lawn before rennovation. The downspout was formerly directed to the City storm drain system, which experiences nuisance flooding downstream of City Hall.
  • East-Lawn-Area
    Lawn before renovation
  • east lawn area
    8 months after installation - East lawn area matches design theme of west lawn
  • west lawn with sign_8 months after
    8 months after installation the landscape is filling in
  • west lawn with sign2_8 months after
    8 months after installation - View of downspout disconnection into rain garden.

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

  • 2016.09_11
  • L3.1-Section
    Section of landscape area
  • 2016.09_21
    Rain garden
  • 2016.09_31
    Coastal California Plants
  • IMG_45931
    Coastal California Plants
  • IMG_45932
    Drip irrigation for plant establishment
  • Screenshot-2016-10-28-08.28.211
  • IMG_02431


  • nativelandscaping2
  • rainwater-cisterns-series
  • permeable-pavement
  • organic-garden
  • native-landscaping
  • native-bee-garden
  • rainwater-sign
  • pump
  • IMG_0005
  • compost
    Worm composting system turns food scraps from student lunches into compost