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Get your Monterey Bay Landscape Recognition Sign!
Learn how.
Hire a Green Gardener.
Certified Green Gardeners have received hands-on training in ecological landscaping practices. Hire a Green Gardener to install or maintain your Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape.
When it Rains…Slow it Sink it Spread it!
Rainwater can be harvested in the landscape and in cisterns. Find out more.
Monterey Bay Friendly Landscapes are making a difference.
View Monterey Bay Friendly Landscapes in your community that are conserving water. Read the stories.

Rainwater Harvesting

Learn how to use rainwater for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing and clothes washing.

Greywater Irrigation

Learn to use greywater from your laundry machine, shower, or bathroom sink to irrigate medium and high water use plants.

Lose Your Lawn

Learn about practical strategies to replace your lawn with water-wise landscaping.