Soquel Residential Garden

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  • 3560-Via-Flores

Bettie’s Garden

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  • stephan-front-downspot-to-swale-thumbnail_IMG_1182
    Rain water from roof downspout that runs to a swale.
  • stephan-front-dry-creek-thumbnail_IMG_1197
    Dry creek captures rainfall and sends off to the salamander and newt habitat.
  • stephan-front-yard-mulch-and-planting-thumbnail_IMG_0990
    Planting and mulching the front planting area.
  • stephan-back-patio-thumbnail_IMG_1195
    Back patio area with brick pavers and water saving landscape plants and lemon tree.
  • stephan-vegie-beds-thumbnail_IMG_0993
    Raised bed vegies

Residential Garden

  • Patio
  • MD
    Rain garden
  • Urbanite-raised-beds
    Urbanite garden beds and native planting
  • marcs-irrigation
  • marcs-drip
    Drip irrigation valves
  • marcs-before
    Before installation

Gateway School

  • Gateway Rainwater Tank