Monthly Archives: March 2016

Munning Residence

  • Munning-1
    Permeable patio made of recycled concrete (urbanite) from previous backyard patio.
  • Munning-31
    Raissed Keyhole Garden Bed
  • backyard_complete2
    560 gallon rainwater cistern
  • backyard_preconstruction2
    Backyard Pre-Construction
  • frontyard_preconstruction
  • raingarden_complete
    Munning residence completed Monterey Bay Friendly front yard. Turf was removed and a permeable pathway and rain garden was installed

Urban Homestead in Marina

  • was-a-concrete-sidewalk1
  • side-view-water-catchment
    This picture shows how rain water is collected from the roof.
  • water-catchment1
    Two of the four cubes that hold rain water for later use.
  • raised-beds-chipped-paths
    Raised garden beds and mulched path ways.
  • compost_worm-bin-chipped-path
  • rinse-sink1
    Veggie rinse sink that sends rinse water and soil nutrients back to the garden beds.
  • compost_worm-bin-chipped-path1
    compost and worm bins

Urban Homestead in Marina

  • was-a-concrete-sidewalk
  • water-catchment
    one set of water cubes that catch roof rainwater.
  • rinse-sink
    Rinse sink with hose running to garden bed - saves water and soil nutrients