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Edible Ecoscapes Garden

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  • permeable-patio
    Permeable patio allows rainwater to infiltrate into the ground
  • rainchain
    Rain chain
  • bushman-slimline
    Bushman 530 gallon Slimline tank irrigates patio plants by gravity
  • corn-irrigated-with-drip
    Drip (t-tape) irrigation is used to irrigate edible garden

Salvador Sisters Garden

  • Proud-Homeowners-with-Sign
    Proud owners of a Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape!
  • rainbarrel
    55 gallon rain barrel used for watering patio plants
  • dry-creek-bed
    Dry creek bed slows the flow of rainwater runoff from garage roof and patio
  • rainsensor
    Rain sensor turns off irrigation controller during and after a storm

Soquel Creek Water District

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Branciforte Residential Garden

  • drycreek-bed
    Downspout diverted to dry creek bed and rain garden
  • mulch
  • landscape
  • xcore-controller
  • before
    Landscape before retrofit