306 Broadway

  • 306-Raised-Bed
  • 306 Dryfarm Tomaotes
    These Chadwick Cherry tomatoes were planted in April and are dry-farmed over the summer.
  • 306 Stormwater Cisterns
    It is important to use well-sealed cisterns to avoid creating a mosquito breeding habitat. Keep those lids of tight.
  • 306 Raised Bed
  • 306 Cover Photo
    Nick Winslow plants insectary drought tolerant plants which require less water and attract beneficial pollinators and pest preditors.

Natural Bridges High School

  • NBHS Stormwater catching system
    The Natural Bridges Highschool garden installed two 4,000 gallon cisterns for collecting storm water. Overflow from the cisterns drains into permeable gravel.
  • NBHS Garden Photo
    Natural Bridges High School Garden gives students the opportunity to practice ecological principals outside of the classroom.
  • NBHS Stormwater Cistern
  • NBHS MBFL Sign Photo
    Our Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape sign at Natural Bridges High School

122 Grant Street Santa Curz

  • Cover Photo
    A variety of drought tolerant plants are used to conserve water white promoting biodiversity.
  • Storm Water
    Various cisterns are placed across the property to help collect stormwater at different downspouts
  • Green Gardener
    Michael invests time and energy into his landscape and is well deserving of the Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape certification

County of Santa Cruz Public Health Building

  • After Workshop Full Landscape
    The finished product of efforts from volunteers and the parks department
  • After Workshop Sideview
    Sheet mulching allows for weed suppression while adding organic matter to the soil
  • After Workshop Swale 2
    The swale at work redirecting water from the sidewalk into the landscape
  • Swale-in-the-Rain_2-LOW-RES
    The curb cut allows storm water to enter the landscape from the sidewalk and defuse into the soil
  • IMG_2228
    Before the lose your lawn workshop the park was a water hungry blend of grasses
  • Emeline MBFL photo
    Four months after the Lose Your Lawn Workshop.