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Vintage Faith Church

  • VF 1
    Vintage Faith Church on Mission St., Santa Cruz
  • VF 2
    Plentiful mulch and an array of native and drought-tolerant plants
  • VF 3
    The difference that sheet mulching using cardboard and old carpet can make to completely remove weeds from the landscape is shown by the difference in the sheet-mulched area (left of the fence) and non-sheet-mulched area (right of the fence).
  • VF 4
    Eschscholzia californica, California Poppies
  • VF 5
    Blue Salvia along with other drought-tolerant flowers and grasses
  • VF 6
    Downspout redirected to feed water from the roof into the landscape
  • VF 7
    Miniature swale helps to slow, sink, and spread rainwater into the landscape
  • VF 8
    Shauna and Tina show off the new Monterey Bay Friendly certification sign!

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