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UCSC Biomedical Building Landscape

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    During a storm event, water is fed into this biofilter which uses the natural filtration functions of this tree to clean the stormwater of any pollutants it may have picked up en route to the drain
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    Any stormwater that reaches the drains near the biomedical building is fed into the landscape through cobbles that slow the water to reduce erosion
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    Stormwater is also fed through pipes that slowly release the water so that it percolates into the surrounding landscape
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    This site features a section of permeable pavement that allows water to feed through the pavement and layers of sand and gravel that filter the water and let it recharge groundwater
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    This landscape has an array of drought-tolerant grasses, native redwoods, and other plants that require little additional water
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    This weather sensor sends precipitation and other information to the irrigation controler so that the appropriate amount of water is fed into the landscape

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