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Soquel Creek Water District

  • 2. 2800 gallon rain tank with filter and pressure pump
    A 2,800 gallon rain tank with a debris screen collects and stores rain water from a nearby building roof. During the dry season, the water is pumped through a drip irrigation system to water the surrounding landscape.
  • 4. Modular Crates
    Stacked open-celled crates under weed cloth capture storm water in the rain garden and allow it to soak into the ground instead of running off into the street.
  • 6. Rain garden plants
    Grasses in the rain garden can withstand both periods of flooding and dry spells.
  • DSCN0344
    The 2,800 gallon rain tank overflows into the rain garden when full.
  • 5. Drip_Rain Garden
    Drip irrigation lines are laid down and emitters are placed near the plants before a layer of mulch is spread on top.
  • 3. Rain Garden Excavation
    Rain garden excavation
  • 1. Soq.Creek WD_Cistern
    When it rains, the 4,300 square foot roof drains into the rain tank . When the rain tank is full, it overflows into the rain garden lined with drain rock and slowly seeps into the ground.
  • Tank covered with pittosporum-001
    Pittosporum was planted to screen the cistern and protect it from direct sunlight.

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