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Westside Santa Cruz Residential Garden

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  • Greywater
    Greywater is redirected from the laundry into different areas of the garden, like the mulch basin around this tree. The mulch basin acts as a filter and allows the water to feed deeper towards the tree roots.
  • Manzanita
    Arctostaphylos stanfordiana bakeri - "Louis Edmunds" Manzanita
  • photo 2
    Rain barrels collect water from the roof and redirect it into the creek bed where it is allowed to sink back into the landscape
  • Monkeyflower
    Mimulus aurantiacus - sticky monkeyflower
  • image1
    The original front yard with turf and trees, before the hedges were in place and before the relandscaping
  • image2
    The front yard before, with turf and surrounding hedges
  • Clean Water in Swale
    Rain garden doing the work of cleaning and infiltrating stormwater

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