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9. When it Rains, Slow it , Spread it, Sink it!

Harvest the rain!... In a cistern or rain barrels, by replacing impermeable surfaces with permeable pavements or landscaping, or by directing downspouts into a rain garden, swale, or dry creek bed.

Certification Requirement

Downspout disconnection, rain gardens, dry creek beds, bioswales, permeable pavements, rainwater harvesting in cisterns, or other ecological stormwater management practices are used in at least one area to reduce the volume and peak flow of stormwater run-off from the site.


• Visible downspouts are directed away from impermeable surfaces into vegetated areas, mulched areas, cisterns, or bioretention areas.
• Overflow from cisterns is directed into vegetated areas, mulched areas, or bioretention areas.

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