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6. Practice Weather-Based Irrigation Scheduling

Install a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor on your irrigation controller and program a weather-based irrigation schedule OR Install an EPA WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation controller.


Certification Requirement

Monterey Bay Friendly Landscapes must install a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor on the existing irrigation controller and implement a weather-based irrigation schedule. Existing landscapes that do not have an irrigation controller, or are hand-watered are exempt from this requirement.

Ready to Upgrade to a Smart Irrigation Controller?

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers, or Smart Controllers are recommended for landscapes that have been historically overwatered or have minimal on-site management. A weather-based irrigation controller, or Smart Controller, acts like a thermostat for your irrigation system telling it when to turn on and off, using local weather and landscape conditions to tailor watering schedules to actual conditions on the site. With proper installation, programming, and maintenance, homeowners and businesses can use an EPA WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation controller instead of standard clock-timer controllers on their existing irrigation systems, and no longer worry about wasted water from forgetting to make monthly adjustments to controller run-times.

Where to Buy Rain Sensors and Smart Controllers

sensors_rainclikEwing Irrigation (Santa Cruz, Monterey)

Scotts Valley Sprinkler and Pipe Supply (Scotts Valley, Watsonville)

Martin's Irrigation Supply (Seaside)

Hydroturf (Salinas, Gilroy)

Helpful Resources for Standard Controller Programming

Checking Irrigation ControllerUniversity of California Irrigation Scheduling for Lawns

Urban Farmer Store's Coastal Dry Season Irrigation Schedule


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