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7. Replace Spray Irrigation with Drip Irrigation

Sprinkler run-off is a major source of water waste. As wasted water flows over sidewalks and streets it carries motor oil, trash and many other sources of pollution into our waterways. Monterey Bay Friendly Landscapes use efficient drip irrigation in non-turf areas and have regular irrigation system maintenance to ensure that all irrigation water applied stays on site.

Certification Requirement

Sprinkler and spray heads are not specified in areas less than or equal to 10 feet wide and in all non-turf areas to prevent overspray and runoff. Acceptable alternatives include low volume drip, sub-surface drip, bubblers (shall not exceed 1.5 GPM), or no irrigation.

This Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape certification standard is also required by the California Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance for new landscape construction projects over 2,500 square feet.

Helpful Resources

Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Retrofit Instructions

Download this PDF for step-by-step illustrated instructions to convert your lawn sprinklers to more efficient drip irrigation. Sprinkler to Drip Conversion Instructions

Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Retrofit - How to Video

Watch this video to learn how to convert your lawn sprinklers to more efficient drip irrigation.

Where to Buy Materials for Spray to Drip Irrigation System Retrofits

Ewing Irrigation (Monterey/Santa Cruz)

Hydroturf (Salinas)

Martins Irrigation Supply (Seaside)

Scotts Valley Sprinkler and Pipe Supply (Scotts Valley/Watsonville)



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