Coastal Terrace Plant Options



tree symbolcoastal terrace-large shrub symbol

Large Shrubs or Small Trees (more than 10’ tall and wide)

Fremontodendron spp. - flannelbush

Fremontodendron spp. - flannelbush

Ceanothus spp. – California lilac

Arctostaphylos spp. - manzanita

Fremontodendron spp. - flannelbush

Rhamnus californica – coffee berry

Dendromecon rigida or harfordii – bush poppy

Romneya coulteri – matilija poppy

coastal terrace-medium shrub symbol

Medium Size Shrubs (4-8’ tall)

Erigonum giganteum – St Catherine’s lace, 4-6’ (h) x 4-8’ (w)

Salvia clevelandii – Cleveland sage, 3-5’ (h) x 3-5’ (w)

Arctostaphylos pajaroensis, Pajaro manzanita, 4-8’ x 10’

Salvia microphylla spp. – Sage, various (NON NATIVE)

Grevillea lanigera - wooly grevillea, 3-6’ (h) x 6-10’ (w) (NON NATIVE)

Grevillea rosemarinifolia – rosemary grevelia

Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’, 4-8 x 4-8’


coastal terrace-small shrub symbol

Small Shrubs (2-4’ tall)

Mimulus aurantiacus – sticky monkeyflower

Mimulus aurantiacus – sticky monkeyflower

Artemisia pycnocephala – sandhill sage, 2’ x 3’

Mimulus aurantiacus – sticky monkeyflower, 3-4’ x 3-4’

Santolina chamaecyparissus - gray lavender cotton (NOT NATIVE)

Salvia chamaedroides – Germander Sage (NOT NATIVE)

Rosmarinus, officinalis, ‘Prostratus’ – (NOT NATIVE), 2’ x 4-8’

Helianthemum spp (NON NATIVE)

coastal terrace-perrenial symbol

Perennials & Grasses (choose 2-3)

Penstemon heterophyllus - blue foothill penstemon, 1-2’ x 2-3’

Epilobium californica - California fuchsia, 1-2’ x 4’

Helictotrichon sempervirens – blue oat grass (non-native)

Erigeron glaucus – Seaside daisy

Armeria maritima – thrift, sea pink

Aster chilensis - California aster

Eriogonum grande var. rubescens - rosy buckwheat


coastal terrace-groundcover symbol

Groundcover (less than 2’ and spreading 2-4’)

Festuca idahoensis "Siskiyou Blue' with Achillea millefolium 'Salmon Pink'

Festuca idahoensis "Siskiyou Blue' with Achillea millefolium 'Salmon Pink'

Salvia sonomensis - Sonoma sage

Baccharis pilularis ‘Twin Peaks’ or ‘Pigeon Point’– dwarf coyote brush

Achillea millefolium – California yarrow

Festuca idahoensis, rubra, or californica – fescue

Dudleya spp.- dudleya

Annuals (to fill in space while landscape matures)

Eschscholzia californica – California poppy