Monterey Bay Friendly Landscaping Rebate Program

Limited time offer! Get up to $500 for harvesting the rain on your property!

During the spring of 2018, Ecology Action is providing financial assistance to residents and businesses in the City of Santa Cruz that create Monterey Bay Friendly Landscapes that harvest rainwater and maximize water conservation. Approved applicants may receive a total rebate of up to $500 for implementing green infrastructure projects that lead to Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape Certification.


Read the Rules and Requirements of the Monterey Bay Friendly Rebate Program


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  • $1.00/square foot

    $1.00/square foot

    for replacing impervious surfaces with permeable material or landscaping

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  • $0.50/square foot

    $0.50/square foot

    of impervious surface diverted to permeable landscaping and rain gardens

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  • $0.25/gallon


    for rainwater harvesting in barrels or cisterns

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