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Plantronics Front Entry Renovation

  • 1PLT
    Plantronics Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA
  • 2PLT
    Front of the building featuring drought-tolerant succulents and grasses, mulch, and drip irrigation
  • 3PLT
    Succulents, grasses, and Santa Barbara Daisies are featured at the front of the building and along the parking lot.
  • 4PLT
    Succulents, grasses and Santa Barbara Daisies surround the benches placed at the front of the building so employees and visitors can sit and enjoy the beautiful, drought-tolerant landscaping
  • 5PLT
    Close-up of the plant palette placed with mulch, small trees, and boulders
  • 6PLT
    The same plant palette and landscaping wraps around the front parking lot
  • 7PLT
    Grasses, drip irrigation, and mulch line the parking lot
  • 8PLT
    Smart irrigation controller uses satellite data to determine how much water to distribute into the landscape based on current weather conditions
  • 9PLT
    Curb-cuts in the back parking area allow stormwater runoff to seep into the landscape, creating a biofiltration system that cleans pollutants out of the runoff before it is fed into local waterways
  • 10PLT
    Additional curb-cut to allow more stormwater to flow into the landscape
  • 11PLT
    Stormwater caught on this surface drains into the curb-cuts at the margin of the parking/driving area

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