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Inner Light Ministries Children’s Garden

  • teens-pushing-rain-tank-into-place
  • Tank-and-low-water-use-lawn
    Native Grass Lawn with rainwater storage tank. We had a chunk of Agrostis pallens sod left over. Central Coast Wilds discounted the sod so the children could have a sustainable play field, completely watered by rain all year long. The lawn was shaped as an infiltration basin to receive water from the overflow and the automated watering system has a Soil Clik moisture sensor donated by Hunter Industries to stop the irrigation controller from watering if the soil is moist enough for the native grass lawn.
  • FinishedLowWaterUseLawn
    Now this is an awesome play field. Agrostis pallens or Coastal Bentgrass, a native, watered by subsurface drip.
  • DedicatedTree
    A Satsuma Plum tree planted and dedicated by the children. This tree is watered by drip from the rain tank. It was loaded with plums this year and was pollinated by the Beauty Plum by the playhouse.
  • Looping-around-plants
    This citrus will be watered from the rain tank via trip irrigation.
  • punching-a-drip-hole-for-an-emitter
    The garden was the site of a hands-on sustainable landscape class, where the students helped punch the holes for the drip lines.
  • LayingDownGopherwire
    Gopher wire was laid down under the lawn to keep the gophers away from the subsurface drip lines. Thomas Wittman of Gophers Limited discounted the materials for the project. Thanks Thomas
  • IMG_0416
    Drought intolerable grass area. Pre-project area.
  • PlantingaTree
    The children helped plant the garden that they will get to harvest later as well.
  • Orsolya-and-Beth-receiving-MBFL-Sign
    Monterey Bay Friendly Landscape certification awarded to Innerlight Ministries garden leaders, Orsolya Salzberg, Reverend Beth Love and Golden Love

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