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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Gagnier Residence

  • perc-pit
  • drycreek
    Drycreek bed runs through front planting beds.
  • rainchain
    A beautiful copper rain chain is featured in front of home.
  • seton
    Plant palette includes succulents and other low-maintenance and low-water Mediterranean plants.
  • plants-seton
  • drycreek-seton
  • emitters
    All plants irrigated with drip irrigation.

Garage Unlimited

  • plants-shaffer-best
  • drycreek-shaffer
    This 1000 square foot drycreek runs the entire length of the building and ends in an 1,800 square foot vegetated bioswale. The drycreek integrates seamlessly with the mature plantings.
  • bioswale
    Vegetated bioswale receives any water not infiltrated in drycreek.
  • plants-shaffer-2nd-best
    Gorgeous and functional plants.
  • plants-shaffer
    Strong architectural forms dominate this plant palette.
  • plants-shaffer-2
  • irrigation-schaffer
    All plants are irrigated with efficient drip irrigation.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

  • 20150904_134841
  • 20150904_134422
    Bioswale receives rainwater from all downspots from building.
  • 20150904_134539
  • 20150904_134555
  • 20150904_134647
    All plants irrigated with drip irrigation.